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Pantone wants $15/month for the privilege of using its colors in Photoshop

Here we go again. From now on if you want to use Pantone colours in Adobe Creative Cloud, you’ll have to pay $15 a month. That’s in addition to the subscription you’re already paying for Creative Cloud itself, given that you can no longer outright buy it. It seems that slowly but surely everything is moving towards this model. Stuff like this highlights why we need FOSS software (and hardware) where the end user has full control of the device and all software running on it rather than the big tech companies. If they have control over our devices and can lock them down in a way we can’t alter, what stops them imposing this madness on every aspect of computing?

“You’ve already opened Firefox 30 times this month. Click here to subscribe to our Web Browser Ultimate Plan which will let you open your browser as many times as you like. Just $19.99 a month, reduced to $14.99 today!”

That sounds ridiculous now, but unless there is heavy pushback on this kind of nickle and diming, I can see it gradually becoming the norm.