All my projects

Following are projects started by me.

Tor Relays

  • Started: 2022-present
  • Website: Relay Data
    • Geographically diverse relays
    • No Logging (everything sent to /dev/null)

Tor encrypts your traffic and bounces it through several relays all over the world before arriving at its destination. This helps defend against mass surveillance, and allows people living in oppressive regimes to get uncensored access to the internet.

WiFi Mapping

  • Started: 2023-present
  • Website: WiGLE WiFi
    • WiFi Mapping
    • Bluetooth/BLE Logging

I contribute to WiGLE under the name WiFiAWACS. WiGLE is a crowdsourced WiFi and bluetooth mapping project. I aim to get in the top 100 contributors, which as of 2024 will require me to catalogue 4 million access points