This is a static website, using nginx to serve files generated by Jekyll. The server runs on Debian 10 and is located in Miami, Florida. I rent the server from Frantech Solutions.

Server Security

  • Strong cryptographic standards. The server has an A+ rating on SSL Labs
  • SSL Certificate with Let’s Encrypt
  • HSTS


  • I use Matomo Analytics to track and analyze visits to my website. The data collected on each visitor is

    • IP Address
    • Operating System
    • Screen Resolution
    • Browser Plugins
    • What pages you visit
    • How long you spend on each page
    • Referer (which page you came to this site from)

This data is stored on a different server, located in the Netherlands, which only I have access to. I do not share the data with anyone else, or sell it. The data is kept for 30 days after which it is automatically purged from the system.

  • You are welcome to use Tor to hide your IP address when visiting the site, I don’t implement any restrictions or annoying captchas on those who do. I believe strongly in the right to privacy and it annoys me that so many websites today have become hostile to Tor users, making it difficult or in some cases impossible to browse the site without giving away your IP. While abuse is a legitimate concern, websites should focus more on developing alternative ways of dealing with that rather than resorting to a crude, and frankly unnecessary blanket block on Tor users.

  • The website is also available as a Tor hidden service at http://o2cgnt55iwlishovskr6xovntd4o67loqmwh4g24bdg7qh3gmtydmxyd.onion (or click here)